Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can I get a PEEP PEEP!!

So, where have I been you ask? Well, the answer in short is......spring! I love spring! We have been busy working in the garden, starting some seeds inside, preparing the backyard for a cool play area for the kiddos.........and we have chicks! We have three right now but I plan on adding a couple of silkie chicks when they are available. Right now we have a Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red and a Rock Barred. They are so cute and growing super fast! Learning all I can about raising chickens and can't wait for our first eggs....most likely late summer.
I didn't get a chance to blog about our trip to St. Louis.....I did the Indie Craft Revolution there at the Art Guild. We made a family trip of it, although, I worked most of the time, I still managed to have some fun! The show went good, I got lots of "your so clever" which is the most common thing people say about me/my work. I made tons of new stuff and have not been able to set aside the time to take photos of for my store. This week. Anyway, I apologize for being gone for so long and I hope you all are having a productive spring too!

IN THE WORKS: I am working on creating a short animation using my work. This was a suggestion from Jesse Kuhn of Raw Toast Design whom I met at the show. His work is pretty amazing too!

Have a great day!


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