Sunday, August 23, 2009


About a week ago I was in Murray signing my daughter up for a dance class. Her class is taught in the Old Fine Arts building right on the very campus I attended. It was very bizarre walking into the Fine Arts building after so many years. After registration we did a bit of visiting and ran into one of my favorite people Dale Leys. He got to meet my amazing daughter and we had one of those disjointed conversations you have with someone you have not seen them in ten years. It was nice to have that moment. After, we drove around, ate some lunch and stopped into the local Good Will. I totally scored! I found bags full of felt board materials typically used in a Montessori classroom. There were about 6 sets of two inch alphabet letters, 3 sets of numbers 1-10, tons of different shapes of all colors like pumpkins, apples, ginger men, ice cream cones that are perfect for counting. Plus, two sets of felt stories including the written story and songs. The entire lot cost me around five dollars, I kept half and gave half away. Even though I choose to send my child to public school.......I like to home school in my own style while we are together.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cinnamon Bun Bun

Okay...Okay....I admit it. I am a big push over when it comes to adding animal members to my family! This time we have adopted a Velveteen Lop we named Cinnamon Bun Bun. He is so laid back and sweet, nothing like I remember my childhood rabbit being. The breeder we purchased him from said these were one of the most lovable rabbits to have. So the story goes, we were going to purchase two bunnies but my daughter fell in love with the Flemish Giant. This particular rabbit was the buck and lucky for us his "wife" the doe was preggo! She is due next week and we have to wait for six more weeks to bring home the bunny. These rabbits are huge, they get to be 12-20 pounds and have a sweet personality much like the lop. I was amazed because I really thought L would go for the miniature breed. She always surprises me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Work: Commissions

These "Secret Keepers" just shipped off to South Australia! These little babies helped the push to get my metal working space carved out here at home. Granted it is in the garage which can be hot at times but, not as many spiders as one would think! I am loving metal work right now. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder even when it comes to making art. More to come....I am planning on making some new work for the Murray State Alumni Show coming up in October.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Project Handmade House

Long ago when I was just a wee one my parents befriended a crafty couple while we were living in Texas. This doll house was built by the crafty couple and then gifted to me! Those of you that don't know....I grew up in the military. My dad was a helicopter pilot and his course of duty lead us to a new place every three years. So, you guessed it, the doll house was moved from here to there and everywhere. The couple must have had great impact on my mom because we didn't hold on to lots of things. After my daughter was born in 2004 my mom passed the doll house to me. This is what it looks like now......half of the roof is missing and there are quite a few dings. Forty years of existence and the doll house has never been painted or finished. I have decided to take on the project with my children. Passing on my passion for handmade to my children in the process. My idea is to paint and finish the interior of the house then make all the furniture and objects on the inside. All the while keeping you updated here on my blog under the label Project Handmade House.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day One

Today was the one of school! The night before I stayed up late to bake chocolate chip cookies by request. K wanted to give some to his teacher on the first day of school. Last year we were able to walk to school and he picked his teacher a flower on the way. I tell ya....sweet boy! I was so relived that he was excited and eager to go this morning. Unlike last year where we had some separation included. So, today we walked in the door and he walked away with a smile...... I walked away and cried. I'm OK. I felt a little empty today but, I had my bugga! I said to her "what will I do next year when you go off to school?" she replied "you get to make your art, silly mommy!" That put it all into perspective....thank you wise four year old, my love.


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