Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! We certainly got some use out of the costumes this year.........we celebrated all weekend long, whew! Just thought I would share some pictures of my sweet ones.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Featured in Stitch Magazine

Hello all! Long time.......since I've seen you here on my blog. Life is keeping me hopping to say the least! Just wanted to pop in and let you know about some exciting news........... I was contacted about a month ago by the editors of Stitch Magazine to send them one of my totes to get photographed for the fall issue. I just received a copy of the issue and there I am on page 18. This is such a cool magazine! The photography is it's packed full of all kinds of stitchy information..........besides the fact that I am featured inside, I highly reccomend picking up a copy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Slow Days of Summer........

Summer is slipping by before my eyes and before long both my children will be in school......then I begin the internal struggle of a mom and teacher. The desire to home school and the need to have time to make art will flow through my mind a million times over and over....... the summer is slowing to an end but not without making lots of memories....
>>>>We joined a local organic co-op this summer that has become the highlight of our week! The kids have experienced life on a farm by milking cows, chasing piglets and feeding the horses. Each week our basket is full of fresh organic blackberries and veggies of all sorts! We have made some great friends too.
>>>>Our chickens are growing up and we check every morning for eggs.....not yet. The bunny has decided to live under the chicken coop and amazingly enough the chickens don't mind.
>>>>We all have been playing golf together in the early evenings after the temp. has cooled a bit. It has been a little frustrating for me since I haven't picked up a club in about 8 years. I'm hanging in there.
>>>>We have had time for lots of craft projects and I have been working on making my kids lunch Eco-friendly by making re-usable snack bags and napkins. Time has allowed me to make some new clothes for my children and work on some domestic sewing too!
>>>>Weekend trips to Louisville to see what traffic is like and enjoy some time with family!
>>>>Started a butterfly and moth collection. Which is sometimes sad for my sweet L.....she has to spend time with them before we put them in the freezer.
>>>>Weekly trips to the library to get out of the heat! (oh, and the occasional snow-cone after)
>>>>In the fall, I will be teaching a class for Murray State......Elementary Art Ed. which I am very excited about!! Now I am planning my projects and working on my syllabus.............
Hope you are enjoying your summer making memories too!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Beach Time!

These are just a "few" of my favorite photos from our trip to the Gulf Shores! The beach was beautiful and the water was signs of the oil spill....yet. It really was the best beach trip ever! We got to spend time with out great friends living it up on the beach and drinking daiquiris after the kids were zonked out. Good memories.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chicken Coop

Happy Chickens! They finally have a place to call their own. It took about three, half days one of which we worked in the rain. I didn't get to take pics on that day, sorry. This project cost all of's completely made from pallets and recycled wood from an old building and playground. The linoleum flooring was given to us by a friend and the paint was a miss-tint from Lowe's that cost 5 bucks. On the inside I made the perch ladder with rondo found at my husbands golf course which works perfect! There is a door at one end where my daughter is standing that opens up for raking the bedding and cleaning..............and oh, the most important part...egg collecting!! I know what you are saying...."it looks kinda big!" Well, we have 4 chickens and two are silkie bantams so they have plenty of room and we can add about two more chickens to the flock! We have added the nesting boxes made from milk crates and the food and water. Whatcha' think?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recent Happenings.........

Well Hello! Enjoying the beautiful weather outside has dominated my time as of late. Sitting at the computer (even to blog) has been scarce. I just wanted to catch you up on some recent happenings.....

-Chickens are growing quick!
-Building the coop is top priority.....and happy to say it is almost complete!

-Went to Mammoth Cave National Park for a weekend of exploring.

-Working on several "made to order" Discovery Totes, the ant tote is getting more popular.

-Canoed down the Green River.

-Planting lots of flowers and herbs, and wondering if the veggies will get in this year?

-Visited Grandparents in Louisville, KY and sat in some traffic which reminded my why I love living in the country.
-Turned some snake gourds that my husband grew at the golf course nursery into planters.
-Went to Dinosaur World in Cave City, KY.


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