Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bigger Pictures on Blogger : How to



I came across this "how to" make your pictures appear bigger on Blogger via Meet Me At Mikes blog, one that I follow. You have to have a Flickr account to do this......everyone should have a Flickr account anyway!! Flickr is the best! So, the first image was the "medium" selection and the second picture is the "large" view that I had to make smaller so I didn't cut my daughters head in half. I will continue to play around with this process but I like being able to have more control over the image size that the options offered by Blogger. Thanks Pip!.....if you want to learn how to make your images larger on your blog head over to Meet Me At Mikes and check out the tutorial plus tons of other really cool stuff.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Art

So, my daughter has been collecting toilet paper rolls.......I ask her what her plan is and she just tells me they are telescopes and they are for sell! Well, this weekend I was browsing the DIY section of Design Sponge and came across this cool project. Basically, you just cut the rolls in equal parts then glue them together to create this organic wall sculpture. I thought it was the perfect solution to the toilet paper roll collection...she agreed! Here we are working together on gluing the parts together ( just with white glue) and deciding on our layout. She opted for flowers... of course. I thought it was fun and a quick result project to do with kids, not to mention the recycling lesson. We thought about painting it but we would like to add some more at a later time. Maybe in the end it will get some color. Check out the source of the project here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Yeah! We finally had a bit of snow! Although, if you live in rural KY and the tinniest bit of snow falls.....then they shut down the whole place. School was out for two days....I love when schools out so it didn't bother me! We had a great time....snow ball fights, reading books, making soup and lots of playtime with all the new toys. I was able to get a bunch of organizing and cleaning completed while my kids played with the new fairy house, playsilks and Lego's. Studio work has been small.......I am working on some "made to order" stuff and gearing up for an entire store re-stocking. All I need is time.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Favorite Handmade Gift I Gave in 2009!!

Both of my children were born right after Christmas......so you know what that means! I have to plan out what I am giving them for their birthdays before Christmas. This year I commissioned my friend Juliane, whom I met through Flickr, to make a handmade doll for my daughter. I received the doll in the mail from Sweden back in September......she is so beautiful!! I could not wait to see Lyra's face when she opened the box! Just as I imagined......she was over the moon! It was the perfect gift for the sweetest most special five year old!! Thank you so much Juliane!
P.S. She danced with her all day and decided that she was her little sister and named her Zoe Isabella Duffy.


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