Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cinnamon Bun Bun

Okay...Okay....I admit it. I am a big push over when it comes to adding animal members to my family! This time we have adopted a Velveteen Lop we named Cinnamon Bun Bun. He is so laid back and sweet, nothing like I remember my childhood rabbit being. The breeder we purchased him from said these were one of the most lovable rabbits to have. So the story goes, we were going to purchase two bunnies but my daughter fell in love with the Flemish Giant. This particular rabbit was the buck and lucky for us his "wife" the doe was preggo! She is due next week and we have to wait for six more weeks to bring home the bunny. These rabbits are huge, they get to be 12-20 pounds and have a sweet personality much like the lop. I was amazed because I really thought L would go for the miniature breed. She always surprises me!

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Sammi V said...

I love bunnies!! They make the best pets, truly. Is Cinnamon Bun Bun housetrained? Our Mabel is,, the smart little lady (-: My daughter has aleays wanted a Flemish giant too, but we don't quite have the space for a huge rabbit,, She was so delighted when she saw that you guys would be getting one. One day though, we'll have one of our own..(-:


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