Sunday, August 23, 2009


About a week ago I was in Murray signing my daughter up for a dance class. Her class is taught in the Old Fine Arts building right on the very campus I attended. It was very bizarre walking into the Fine Arts building after so many years. After registration we did a bit of visiting and ran into one of my favorite people Dale Leys. He got to meet my amazing daughter and we had one of those disjointed conversations you have with someone you have not seen them in ten years. It was nice to have that moment. After, we drove around, ate some lunch and stopped into the local Good Will. I totally scored! I found bags full of felt board materials typically used in a Montessori classroom. There were about 6 sets of two inch alphabet letters, 3 sets of numbers 1-10, tons of different shapes of all colors like pumpkins, apples, ginger men, ice cream cones that are perfect for counting. Plus, two sets of felt stories including the written story and songs. The entire lot cost me around five dollars, I kept half and gave half away. Even though I choose to send my child to public school.......I like to home school in my own style while we are together.

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