Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Carly Dress

I have been making dresses now for only a few months. I really have taught myself everything about sewing. Which tends to be a problem in my mind, because I know I really would love to sell them I just worry about craftsmenship. So, the last time I was at my local quilt shop looking for fabric I got some advice from someone working there. She told me about french seams, thats what she called them, Where you stitch 1/4in. with right sides together and then reverse and stitch 3/8 seam on the inside to make your seam allowances. I am so pleased with the durability this gives my garments. I don't have a serger and have always detested the frayed edges. This technique bids farwell to the frayed!

This is the first dress after learning the french seaming technique. I named it after my sweet Carly who I have been watching for a friend for about a year now. She was in love with the first dress in this style that she wanted one for herself. Now she marches around very proud in her new handmade dress.


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