Thursday, October 23, 2008


Thank you Lynette! I could not figure this out! She has shown me the way, and here is my front page picture. I still don't know who the curator was?


'fancypicnic' said...

Hi, Shannon - many congratulations! Such a great feeling...!
Would love to have you join in with the Shopping List meme. I'll add you to the blogroll list for next weekend, shall I?
x Charlotte

BnonB said...

Wow, your work is spectacular! I've added you as an Etsy favorite seller and will definitely be buying a Christmas present for my son from your shop. What was the Day at the Beach tote? I didn't see it in the sold items. Is it the fish ones?

Half an Acre said...

just popping in as you are new on the shopping list saturday list! have to say your things are INCREDIBLE! amazing!

Shannon Duffy said...

To bnonb, A Day at the Beach is on my blog, it is listed in the catagories on the sidebar. It opens up to a beach scene with three houses/castles. Thanks for the compliments, Shannon


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