Friday, June 27, 2008

Play Objects

The picture above is from my thesis work while I was in grad. school in 2004. It is enameled metal, copper and sterling silver. The top picture is closed and the bottom picture is open. I have been creating toys for the last 5 years out of all kinds of materials. I call them toys but they are really play objects. Most have no set requirements and allow the user to incorporate their own imagination. I love to hand someone one of my objects and see what they do.
My own children gravitate towards play objects more than all the battery operated toys. When my son was first crawling he played with a Pringles can. He would roll it and chase after it and drop things inside. A simple object is all they need.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Discovery Tote - House

This Discovery Tote is one of a kind made with felt and linen. The tote opens to reveal a little house in an imaginary land. There are two handmade girls that live there, each one with a hand stitched face and filled with beans so they stand on there own. After play the toteg can be closed around the house and girls. Secured with a ribbon and a handmade sterling silver button.
(Click image to see detail)

Discovery Tote - Tree

Discovery Tote-Tree is made of grey felt and mixed fabrics. The tote opens up to reveal a tree stump with a bunny living inside. The bunny is made of felt and has a hand stitched face with black crystal eyes. He is completely removable and filled with beans so he can stand on his own. The tote closes up around the tree and bunny and ties securely with a cream ribbon and handmade sterling silver button. One of a kind tote that can be order with a change of fabric colors. (Click on image to see detail)

Discovery Tote - Dolls

I love the idea of clothespin dolls, I think a simple thing like a hand painted doll is all an imagination needs. No batteries and No lead paint!!! They come together inside this sweet handmade tote that opens up to a dance floor or can be flipped over so the dolls can be tucked into thier little beds. The tote is made of felt and cotton. The tote can close with the dolls in each of the pockets or carry the dolls inside. (Click on image to see detail)

Discovery Tote - Bird

This tote opens to a wonderful little bird sitting on her nest of eggs. The eggs are hand felted and the tote is made of silk and cotton. All the eggs can be removed, perfect for counting. The bird is made of felt, the eye is a red crystal bead and is filled with beans so it has some weight. The bag closes with a taffeta ribbon and can be secured with a sterling silver button made by me. These bags are one of a kind and look adorable hang from a hook in a playroom or nursery.

Discovery Tote - Fish

This Discovery Tote is made of grey felt with wide green ric rac. The bag opens up to a water motif and three hand stitched fish with glass bead eyes that are magnetic. All the fish can be picked up by the fishing pole that is made of wood with a satin string and magnet. Painted with non-toxic , lead free paint. All close up inside the tote for storage or travel.
(Click on image to see detail)

Discovery Tote - Cars

I have had this idea for a while to make some fun bags that turn into play mats. These are great for traveling and out to dinner entertainment. This particular one comes with two cars and when opened turns into a race track. I am hoping to have them for sale soon.....

(Click image to see detail)


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