Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Science Projects!!

We love science here at the Duffy house! The kiddos were so excited about conducting some experiments in order to enter the school wide science fair this year. K grew egg geodes in order to see what would happen if we used plain tap water in one group and lake water in another group. We found that the lake water and tap water created interesting crystal growth but, the lake water seemed to create more interesting crystals. The chemicals were made into a "super saturation" and poured into clean, empty eggs about 4 weeks prior to the results were documented. If you want to know more details about the project..........send me an email and I can send you the process in length. Now, L (with my help) colored chicken scratch in order to see if chickens could see color. Most of all she wondered if they had a favorite color, a question she asks most people upon meeting. For five days we placed the colored scratch in pie tins and placed them out where we usually feed the chickens. At the end of each day we collected the tins and measured for the results. We found that chickens liked the regular scratch (variable) the most because that's what they were used to eating. Although, they ate more of the green out of all the colors, L determined that they liked green because it looked like grass! She's a smarty girl!! Best news: we are going to the county wide competition in a couple of weeks!! Yay Duffy scientists!! UPDATE: L TOOK 1ST PLACE AT THE COUNTY WIDE SCIENCE FAIR! AND K TOOK 3RD!!


sara said...

My son is only 6 months, but the thought of science fair projects makes me a little dizzy. I think I'll book mark this post for inspiration in about 7 years :) So creative!

Shannon Duffy said...

Enjoy the baby years it happens before you know it!! Thanks for the sweet comment!

Nathaly said...

Bonne Idee !!!!


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