Friday, September 5, 2008

My New ETSY shop---Heilo Studios

This piece is a small sterling silver vessel that is about 1x1x1 inches. It is hollow and holds a strip of archival handmade paper that attaches to the inside of the lid. When the view opens the lid, out comes the paper. The idea here is that you can write an message or sentiment to whomever it is intended for and when they open it they can read your thought. I give them to my children for birthdays.
So, I bounce back-and-fourth between metalworking and stitching. I have had some of these pieces on hand and decided to open up a second etsy store. I am calling it Heilostudios, I wanted to put the two together somehow. In my mind they should be in the same store but, I felt business wise this was a smarter decision. Please, check it out!!!!

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