Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

Last week was crazy busy with the last days of Kindergarten for my son and my dad visiting from California. I was shopping for K's teacher, trying to get parents to come help with all the celebrations and making all of my Christmas presents. Friday was the grand finale of it all, I had to help 23 Kindergartner's plus one 3 year old make gingerbread houses. Lucky for me I have an incredible husband I recruited and a handful of other parents who helped get the job done. They had a blast, I love to just stand back and watch children create without showing them what to do, they have the most amazing results. These are just two of the houses, they all turned out really great! We used an ice cream cone for the trees and were limited a bit with the candy details because of nut allergies in the classroom. All and all a fun day for the kids, and that's all the matters!

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