Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making Christmas out of metal

This is a picture of half of my studio space, I share it with myself.
half metalworking and half sewing and fabric

This week I have been super busy "making" Christmas. What this means is making presents for my friends, family and this year--my son's kindergarten teacher, co-teacher and guidance counselor. I had to make something for Mrs. Graff the guidance counselor, she was responsible for getting my son and myself through the horrible separation anxiety we suffered at the start of school. So, I am back at my bench doing some metalsmithing this week and I have to say it feels really good. I went through a time when I really did not want to sit at my bench and think. Now, I have this out pouring of ideas that make me excited to work with metal. I think I might work on a new series for my other etsy shop "Heilo" and pull most of whats in there. I need to start fresh. Maybe, it's because my toy making may come to a halt in February if this law passes.

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