Saturday, July 18, 2009

New work and update on the BIG Crafty

Back home from the BIG Crafty! I had a great time in Asheville, NC at the show! My sister went with and she was the best company. I got to meet some fellow etsy folks, the tent next to me was Brooke from So She Sews who makes wallets, purses and accessories from fused plastic bags....pretty cool! I also received tons of great compliments on my work (nice).....sold a bunch too! Oh, almost forgot....I gave my card to another artist whose husband works for Lark Books, who knows what may come of that? After the show I visited with my mom and step dad for the rest of the week. Hit Ikea one day for some fabric and lighting.......and drove into Greensboro for a play date with my good friend Danielle. The kids had a good time at MeMe and PopPop's house on the lake with some swimming and boat rides.
Before I left I completed a new design I call "In the Garden". It was a hit at the show and I have a couple that I am photographing today so I can post in my store. The image above is just a sneak peek that I wanted to post before I left but........didn't get the chance. Well, that's it for me. Now, off to take some images of my new work.

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