Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tree Hunting In LBL

So, I am still on cloud nine from my Etsy featured seller last week! Not to mention all the "made to order" stuff I am working on too! I feel kinda like a little elf......but, at the same time I have not been able to get any Christmas-ness going on in the Duffy house. This weekend we (I) finally made time to go get our tree! We live near Land Between the Lakes (it's a National Park) and drove out to the Welcome Center to get a permit to cut down a cedar tree. This is a program they offer free to the public! Santa just happened to be daughter told him she wanted a "movie theater" popcorn popper and my son told him he wanted to be surprised. He has decided this year not to ask for anything and just see what he gets! The weather was beautiful that day..... as we were driving we saw deer grazing in the forest, red tail hawks swooping over head....pretty amazing! We eventually found several up on a hill near the lake. Amongst those trees was the perfect tree! A little big but we trimmed until it fit. I'll let the pictures tell the story..........

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