Monday, February 9, 2009

The New Game of Tag

First, I have to say how much I have enjoyed being a part of Etsy, Flickr and blogging! I have "met" so many really talented and sweet people. One being Stefanie from Hamburg, Germany. She was my Holiday Traditions Exchange partner. I never had a chance to post anything during the holidays about how much I loved all of my handmade items she so thoughtfully put together for me, thanks again Stef. Stefanie has a great blog called Morning Flower that happens to be bilingual, go Stef! Well, I was tagged guessed it....Stefanie from Hamburg! So, that leads me to this post about the new tagging game. Now this one I can handle, not so many questions and such reveal. This tagging goes like this.........go to the 4th picture file in your computer and go to the 4th picture and blog about it. This is my 4th and 4th.....ahhhh, such sweetness!! Time passes so quickly and there is never a dull moment with two little ones. I remember this moment like it was today, just a random evening hanging out before bed time stories. I just happened to capture true love between a brother and sister. Those big blue eyes adorning both of my children are my favorite thing to shoot! Sweet sweet baby love...........I could go on and on but, I shall stop here. Now, I have to tag 4 bloggers to post in the same manner. Here goes.........

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danielle embry said...

hey shannon - what a sweet picture of your two little ones! when you tagged me, i looked at my fourth picture and laughed. it's one of my favorites... can't wait to blog about it. Stay tuned... :)


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