Sunday, February 8, 2009


via Yanko Design
"Trad is a shelter, personal space where children carry out their fantasies and games. A place that allows them to feel safe, to learn and to imagine. That enchanted wood where one can dream of heroes and princesses, witches and dragons... and live a thousand and one adventures. The tree, as an icon for wisdom, shelter and playground, symbol of life and growth. Approach to an increasingly absent nature, as a comeback to traditional games, towards imagination development, with no artifices, as a basis for the growth of the child's personal world."
I came across this children's toy the other day and looked with amazement! I think it is brilliant. How much fun could a child have with one of these. It is beautiful to look at, which is where I have a problem with most children's toys. I can't "live" with objects that I don't like to look at everyday. This is one that you couldn't put away and really why would you. I love the open ended playability that is offered to the child. Then the symbolism behind the tree shelter is by far the smartest concept for a toy I have ever heard. I'm just jealous I didn't think of it first.

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