Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Good morning! Easter started about 6:30am for me, my husband had to work so I tried to hold off the egg hunt but.......couldn't. I just wanted to do a quick post of my children's handmade Easter goodness. With the exception of the candy, I was able to do all handmade gifts for them this year! The baskets were made by me about three years ago, I don't put them away so they can use them anytime. I filled them with handmade eggs using the pattern from retro mama's blog. Then last night I stitched together some bags for a sketch book and colored markers (opps, these were commercially made). The felted bunnies inside the felt eggs came from Magic Forest, so adorable! Last, I cut an egg carton in half and decoupaged paper to the top and filled them with chocolates. Whew, next challenge is to do all handmade for Christmas......or at least try.

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