Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shopping List Saturday

PET bottles + soldering gun + alcohol burner. tertium non data translated from latin means: the third is not given. it is an alchemic term which refers to the process of combining two disparate elements to create a new, third element. the process of transformation is a mystery - an unknown... Things made by GULNUR OZDAGLAR GUVENC

Today is a busy day for my list is short but sweet! I am very passionate about recycling and in these times who isn't? I found this etsy seller who takes recycling to the extreme. Gulnur is an architect who makes these beautiful pieces out of plastic bottles. The bowls with all the holes are drilled by hand, wow what patience. Check out her store and blog to find out more about this amazing work! You can find the list of other bloggers who make Saturday lists in the right sidebar of Charlotte's blog. Cheers......

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