Monday, March 30, 2009

A Day in Holland

This is my newest Discovery Tote design! A Day in Holland was a special order for a customer that is from Holland and in now living in the US. She has a little girl that she wants to pass her heritage on to and what a perfect place to start. This tote takes a peek into the wonderful landscape of Holland. Fields of flowers growing around a towering windmill. A canal that brings in the water through the green pastures. Imagine riding your bike through this amazing countryside or maybe you live in the tiny house where you get to tend to all the flowers. The tote allows plenty of room to throw in some little animals and people to make this wonderland complete. After playtime simply pull the ribbon and slide down the covered button. Discovery Tote A Day in Holland opens up to approx. 17inches and holds the windmill and tiny house. Made from a wool felt blend, cotton and silk fabric. For the field of flowers I used a vintage fabric that was passed on to me by a friend just for this special order.


Fröken Skicklig said...

Oh Shannon, what a wonderful creation! I wish I was from Holland ;-) A hug from Berlin

Ria said...

Hi Shannon,
Well, I'm from Holland and I really like what you made. There's now mill in the village where I live, but we have plenty of flowers blooming around because we have them on parade each year, a so called corso. All kinds of figures made from flowers.

Greetings from Ria

'fancypicnic' said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! Just delightful...I want it on my wall! x

Blue Bicicletta said...

That's so gorgeous--I love all the different floral fabrics!


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