Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am still trying to figure out all the information available with google analytics. I linked my etsy store to it as soon as it became an option and have been loving it! Although, I don't know if I am getting all the information that it offers? Every morning I enjoy a cup of coffee and a view of the previous days data on google analytics. My favorite part is to see where people are coming from....there are three options- direct traffic, referring sites and search engines. I like to scour the referring site list, hmmm? Who is checking out my store? When I had the feature my traffic was 10 times as much as a "normal" day. Which blew me away! Still so thankful for that feature. I have found my work featured on several other websites and blogs just from the data google analytics provides. This is where the detective side of me comes out, because you have to search for the feature. For example today I found my work on a Chinese website called DIYmom. It was written in Chinese so I couldn't read it but the feature was really great from what I saw of the images! The other feature I came across a few weeks ago was one from Serbia called Škrabalica. This website is a crafting and parenting website from Belgrade, Serbia. It was full of great images of my work and again I could not read the language. But, I did leave a comment to thank them for the feature. Pretty cool, huh?!


Altra said...

What a nice blog!~ Hello Shannon! I'm the master of It really surprised me when i saw a trackback record of my site from your blogger, and that's why I drop in here. Thx for using 我们这一家子 as ur new post title. Seeing these Chinese words presented in an American's blog makes me feel so warm and happy. I saw ur fantastic handcrafts in Etsy and I really like them. Pretty nice works!!
Best wishs from

Škrabalica said...

Yes, it's cool ;)
Thank you for making such fun and beautiful toys.
You can use google translate, it's far away perfect, but just to have a clue. Thank you too for pointing to, I liked it a lot (I had to use google translate to get more detils ;))


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