Friday, March 6, 2009

Shopping List Saturday



Like many of you, I get tangled up in all the shops on favorites, their favorites....on and on and on..... well you get the picture. Sometimes this lasts entirely too long but, it is so inspiring at the same time. Between etsy and I really need to say any more? The items I picked this week are a combo of flickr and esty finds, although they all have etsy stores. I hope you enjoy the result of a good tangled up hour spent this week. So many amazing finds...these are just a few of my favorites. All worth checking out! You can find the list of other bloggers who make Saturday lists in the right sidebar of Charlotte's blog. Cheers......Have a great Day!!


littlebird said...

oooh i love those bowls!
am off to check out the shop
thanks for sharing ; )

Blue Bicicletta said...

Hello Shannon--

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog!

Jane said...

Great list! I love your Discovery Totes, too.

edward and lilly said...

I love those dishes, great list!

'fancypicnic' said...

Just an hour?! That's restraint for you. I try not to think of it as 'wasted' time...inspirational and thoughtful, time for my brain to really work....

Lovely choices. xx


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