Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trip to Tybee Island

So between being sick.....which I really don't like to blog about, but it was rough and going out of town on a long weekend with my family. Well, let's just say I have not been able to get much work done. But, that is the beauty of having an etsy store. I will be adding more totes sometime this weekend. On another note......we had a really relaxing time on Tybee Island over the weekend. It did get cold and windy with rain on Sunday but, the day finished out nicely with some sunshine and a walk on the beach. The trip home was filled with anticipation since Greensboro was hit with about six inches of snow. Although, I did manage to talk my husband into stopping at the new IKEA in Charlotte during the drive through. It was so overwhelming that I just had to walk away. That store deserves an entire day of dedication. Back at home, school has been cancelled the past two days and my saga of not getting work done continues......


annax said...

Oh so sorry. You sound so much like me. We have been dealing with the bugs since before Christmas, and it is getting a bit silly now. Here is to hoping Spring is coming early, and we will all feel much better soon!

Sending hugs, annax

Eve said...

I love spring. You know what else I love. Little girls with plaits. I remember wearing those when I was little. I remember Mama making them really tight and it hurt. LOL


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