Friday, May 22, 2009

Moving Weekend!!

As I have spoke in earlier postings........We are moving!! Whew, it has been a long haul for me the past few weeks. But, I did it! I was able to stay so my Kindergartner could finish most of the year and sell my house. I can honestly say it was a bit stressful, mostly trying to keep the house spotless for showings. Oh and did I say that I did it all by myself. I have huge respect for single mothers, It's the moments of "me" time that I missed but, it was missing hours of "studio" time that were the most painful. Hopefully the transition will go well and I can have a corner all to myself to get back to work. After being in the Etsy Finds email and The Storque with my "secret keepers" I have been getting much attention to my metal work. I have a couple of commissions that I need to make within the month. Very good times. So, I will say have a great weekend and think of me while I embark on a new journey.......Im off to Kentucky to live in the woods.

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mothereden said...

that's a big move! i checked it out on a map. not as big as phx to greensboro, but still. hope you have lots of normal, sane moments. with 2 kids, it's got to be hard. we are so much closer to you now that you will be in west ky. only bout 250 miles away. less than 5 hrs. not too bad. we'll have to come visit in the cabins for a weekend maybe. checked out ky dam village. looks nice!


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