Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shopping List Saturday


Hello Saturday! I have to be honest....this move has been rough. I am trying to stay positive today so I'm not going to wrap you up in it. Last night I went to Murray Ky where my husband and I went to undergrad. Met up with an old friend, met some new and had a wonderful night hanging on the porch. So, things are turning around it just is taking some time. I am trying to locate a studio space and unpack still......things are just moving too slow for me. But, I did manage to put together some of my Etsy favs for my shopping list this week. The painting is by a Canadian artist, Janet Hill. She has a shop full of beautiful interior paintings and prints. Her work has such a dreamy feel. I love her color palette! You can find out more about Janet on her blog. "Brother, sister and the dog" are wonderfully detailed dolls made by an artist from Portugal....she blogs too. The pin cushions are....well, just look at them! Sweet and weird...excellent combination. Hope you have a chance to check out these shops and have a great weekend! You can find the list of other bloggers who make Saturday lists in the right sidebar of Charlotte's blog.

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