Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wow.........Etsy Front Page

Wow, (I said it again) I can't believe how insightful I was today! I walked my son to school and on the walk home I was saying to myself that I need to check on my other etsy shop. I have two stores, Helicopter Studios where I sell children's items and Heilo Studios where I sell metalwork. I use the word sell but I haven't sold anything. So, when I arrived on etsy.com I was checking out the front page as I always do and voila! There at the bottom was a piece from my Heilo Studios store. I have not looked at this shop in months, I have had some success with my children's toys but no luck with my metalwork. One of the reasons I started making my Discovery Totes was that I needed a break from metalworking and with all my research noticed that etsy is filled with jewelry shops. Although, I have been working at my jewelers bench making all my Christmas presents I have not worked on anything to sell. I am feeling the urge to work with metal again and this front page spot may have just propelled me!


jenny elkins said...

Shannon....Congrats on the front page of etsy! This kind of free promo is the best. jenny

mothereden said...

hey shannon, yay! so happy for you! make metal again, you're great at it! i still have my metal bookmark you made me many years ago.

zenfulmama said...

Hi there fabulous one! Congratulations and how lovely and serendipidous (sp?;)!


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