Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Homemade Dough

Yesterday...well, was extremely hot! We got up and headed to the pool for some "swimming lessons" around 9am. I have been trying to teach my kids how to swim since there aren't any swim lessons locally. I found some great helpful videos on YouTube to give me some ideas and language. Both my kids love the water but, my son hates to get his face wet....something we have been dealing with for a while now. He would not go to swim lessons when we lived in NC and we only went to the pool on occasion. Now that we live in the State Park that has a lodge with a pool for us to use anytime! We made some amazing progress! He was swimming half the length of the pool by the time we left. Head above water I might add!
After pool time we ate some lunch and realized that the air conditioner felt too good to leave. So, I made some homemade play-dough using a recipe from the Montessori Mom website. Then I made a cup of espresso and had a short day dream. Nice.


Fröken Skicklig said...

Oh, that sounds too lovely, Shannon! I couldn´t stand to learn how to swim, full of fears - and no - never wanted to get a wet face ;-)
As an adult, I love lakes and pools and am a great swimmer...

It is hot in Sweden, too, it takes hours to water all the flowers and plants. Today it is the first evening that we might sleep outside under the stars, smelling the scent of hay and listening to the nightingale (who lives in the alm tree next to our little house)...

Sending you sunny greetings and a warm hug,


Anonymous said...

How old is your boy? My Sofia, age 6, just this summer began to put her face in the water. It was a no-go on the swim lessons for her, too. But she's doing great this year...

We just did playdough too! (Moms all over, hiding in the AC...) Your kids look perfectly happy with the fun you made for them!



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