Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shopping List Saturday

As my children are getting older I am always on the look out for good sturdy glasses that are not plastic. I am very anti-plastic......but, with kids sometimes it is the best solution. My children have a playroom with a table that they like to have snacks on throughout the day. In my quest to prevent spills and glasses getting broken when I am.....well lets say in my studio. I have decided to go to a ceramic cup. I found these in my searches on etsy this week. I have to say there was not a huge selection of ceramic cups intended for small hands. I really like these because unlike most cups including plastic, they are larger at the bottom. However I am not crazy about the color selection but, I am planning to convo the artist to see if there are any other options. That's about it for me on this very sunny Saturday. I am planning on hitting the fabric store later and maybe the pool with my kiddos. Oh, which reminds me...I am in search of a good sunscreen that is waterproof. I have tried many including Aveeno, which burned and really did not work. If you have a suggestion please comment!
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Anonymous said...

Hey, Shannon! I use the Neutrogena dry sunblock SPF 50 for my kids. It's kinda pricey because it's for adults, but it works really well...Hope that helps!


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