Monday, June 29, 2009

Making fun

I was tempted by Amy over at Sweet Sweet Life Blog to keep my kids we did some shaving cream paintings. I thought it was a great project with very exciting kids loved it too! I actually had thought about doing the project last year for my sons Kindergarten class but, thought better at the time. Although, one would think how messy kids could get with shaving cream and food coloring but, I must say it was not bad at all! So, here is how it went.......

Here is sweet L dropping the food coloring into the shaving cream.

Then we took a knife and pretended we were cutting brownies until she liked what we saw.

Next we took some sketchbook paper and pressed into the shave/color.

Pulled up the paper

Then scraped off the shaving cream with a plastic credit card.

more scraping.....

and here is = our beautiful marbleized paper!


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